-How to be a Classical Princess-
We provide opportunities to wear “Kimono Bustle Dresses” at historical buildings for tourists.
Please check “How to be Kimono Bustle Princess” here.

1. Reservation

At first, please send us a message from CONTACT
and we will send you further information written in English.

Charge :
Trial Plan ¥18,500(+TAX)
(From 2 participants)
Including the rental fee of Kimono Bustle Dresses, headdresses, hair setting,
point makeup, shooting and a picture (2L-type print)

We also have these Plans;
Basic Plan ¥40,500(+TAX)
(From 1 participant)

Princess Plan ¥75,000(+TAX)
(From 1 participant)

Please check the details here PLAN

Venue : Classical Princess Japon Yokohama Salon or historical buildings in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

The price would be changed depends on the date/ place /number of participants.

2. Arrival & Makeover

Please visit the place where we announced.
At the venue, the staffs wearing “white frilled apron” will wait for you and welcome you warmly.

As our staffs can speak both English and Japanese with high-level hospitality, please ask us anything!

After a greeting, your makeover will start.
Please enjoy the luxurious time and Japanese “OMOTENASHI” at the beautiful place.

3. Shooting

After you wear “Kimono Bustle Dresses”, photo session will start.
We will take photos at the historical buildings.
(You can check the photos we took before > GALLERY)
We have the high-quality goods like lace fans, gloves, parasols and antique books, that enrich your experience.
We also will advise the “pose” to be a princess, so please don’t be nervous and enjoy it!

4. Recieving photos

After that, we will send photos through international mail.
It takes about 2 to 3 weeks (depends on the regions) after the photo session.

Thank you very much for your attention.
Now, it’s your turn!